Automatic Float Deployment

ProductsAFDSAutomatic actuation of the flotation gear is accomplished by the installation of four normally closed float switches mounted on the underside of the aircraft, two mounted within the forward nose landing gear bay to port and starboard, and two mounted on the fuselage skin at station 271.50 to either side of the centreline of the aircraft.

Any two switches will operate the system.

The normally closed float switches, which require the electrical circuit to be broken, ensures that should the aft switches be sheared off during the ditching procedure, the system will still operate.

An electronic delay of 0.5 seconds is built into the system to accommodate for “bounce” of the float switches and also to add some measure of energy attenuation after impact prior to float deployment.

Arming of the auto deployment system is carried out simultaneously when the manual deployment system is armed.

A control box is mounted in the center console with the following features:

  • BITE (built in test equipment)
  • Test Switch
  • Isolate Switch
  • Caution Annunciator
  • Pass Annunciator

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